Faux Fur Burda Vest

What did I wish for most when sewing with faux fur? A pair of duckbill scissors to trim the seams to reduce bulk. I didn't have any, so I had to settle for nail scissors. But I do covet a pair...The truth be told I covet everything to do with sewing.

This was pretty much an easy sew except for the fur...the bulk was a bit difficult when lining. But I got there in the end and there was fur everywhere. I'm sure fur went up my nose as well!

Burda Pattern Misses Vest 7289, view B
A pretty basic pattern and easy to sew...I lengthened the
pattern 1inch
All finished and looking flash. Except my bow
tying skills are at beginner level....
The lining inside is a printed cotton
Side view with a top underneath...
Sewing faux fur certainly was a handful...Fur went everywhere!
Ready to wear, sewn with a purpose in mind...


  1. SO pretty... I agree the bad part of seiwng it ---is the fur going every where..


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