A Spicy Sort of Day

While cleaning my pantry I got side tracked by my messy spices, so I decided to make new spice jars out of old jam jars. Have you ever used chalk cloth to make spice labels then glue to attach them to the lid? What glue did you use?

The fun I had with glue, don't try P.V.A. glue it doesn't stick the labels well onto the metal lids. Don't try UHU glue, it just bubbles and eats up the chalk cloth. In the end I used a spray on adhesive which worked well, thank goodness...

Also I didn't have a chalk marker pen to write up my spices, so I used an old chalk pencil to mark the lids. It's all a bit 'rough and ready' but it's okay I can live with that, because no body sees my spices. Except the whole world now thanks to the internet...



  1. What an adorable idea.. I didn't know , it was such a think as chalkcloth..thanks for sharing..
    I really need to do some new spice jars.. My cabinet of spices---look awful.. ha

  2. Thanks :) I think you can get stick on oil cloth in your country which is more exciting you could make stickers out of it and would make the job so much easier...sad couldn't find any here!


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