Should I Have Stayed Home?

It's mental here on the roads in Christchurch so many detours and road works I could leave.

Now if I hadn't been detouring myself after grocery shopping I may not have ended up being hit by another car. I was just sitting there on the road wondering where I was going to turn because there was  no exit.

When boom I was hit, the side of my car looks a bit nasty...I did swear I must say. Poor old man his foot slipped as he was getting ready to turn and I was the damage. It would never have happened if their was a road works sign saying 'Do not enter, there is no exit'.

The good thing though is that I have moved my sewing out of the dining room. I'm now stuck in a wee annex in the hall for now, at least my dinning room table will be tidy for a change.


  1. Sorry to hear about that ... certainly there are days when it is better to stay home ... Kisses.

  2. Thanks yes somedays are better staying at home :) Not to worry it will be fixed soon...


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