Children's Art at Christmas Time

Keep the artworks and scan them onto your computer. Then surf your way over to PicMonkey, a photo editing website (the basic stuff is free). Upload your pics and have fun playing with all the features and make yourself some Christmas cards. Children feel very proud and valued when you do stuff like this, it's always worth seeing that important look on their faces...

After you have finished editing the cards you have made, save them back onto your desk top. Now print them out, or take your print to the nearest copy centre. Remember to use a good quality card.

These cards are Christmas postcards and they are now already to send, or give away...

A Toucan Bird Christmas card...drawn by
the little person in the house!


  1. What a great idea.. These cards would be treasured for life.. thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the nice comment it's a good way to keep that special picture...Happy sewing Judy :)

  2. These are precious and remind me of the artwork in the children's book, Puffin Peter,
    Tell your children that I think they are quite the gifted artists :)

  3. Thanks Rhonda I will...I don't know that book I will follow your link and have a look. Happy sewing to you too :)

  4. Yes I see what you mean, looks like his style,I will show it to him. Now I want to read the as Puffins are near the Island my mother comes from.


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