Dog Cushion for the Crate

I've been into my stash and this waterproof fabric was for an apron, an art apron to be exact. But I never got round to sewing this one, so the dog is benefiting from a new cushion. I'm making a big envelope style cushion, stuffed with old Dacron that I have saved for 'a rainy day'.

It was a shame I didn't have enough fabric for the cushion to actually fit the crate. Never mind, the dog is coping with an overstuffed cushion.... I don't know how many times I have sewn a comfortable cushion, or a polar fleece blanket. I even made a waterproof cover for a thick foam mattress I had cut to size for the dog crate...

The covered mattress was a perfect fit and you could even take the waterproof cover off to wash it. Except the dog worked out it was done up with Velcro and started to pull the Velcro and then bit all the foam.....Totally destroyed!

Next I made polar fleece blankets,  but they got chewed at too. These were cheap to replace but then the dog kept getting big spots on her chin (she looked like a witch). I read somewhere that plastic causes this, so polar fleece was out.

Feeling very sorry for the dog lying on hard plastic I went out and bought her a Dacron duvet inner and I covered this with an old duvet cover. All was well until her rear end decided to poop all over her crate with one sock amongst the mix...You can guess I threw it all out!

You may think she is doing all this out of boredom, she is not...They say it takes three years for these dogs to grow-up. I agree she is still a pup in a big body who loves to chew! Now I am feeling very pleased with myself I've made a very waterproof envelope style cushion. The dog knows nothing about zips, so she hasn't worked out how to get at the Dacron inside.

Do you crate your dog? It's this dogs den, she is very happy in it (wished I'd known about dogs and their dens years ago). Sometimes you can't find her and she's wandered off to her crate and is sitting inside with the door open.... It's her time away from the pesky cats. They are also trying to claim the crate for themselves. Must be my cushion!

I pinned the fabric in the end, tape just kept moving
 and unsticking. It was rather a hard job!
Shame it didn't fit, but I'll make more I'm

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