Finished in Time

Most of my sewing was done today. I did enjoy sewing this pattern and what a help it was to be able to refer to the blog posts over at you & mie. While I was happy with the style, I think my fabric choice was a bit difficult when I needed to bind the neck seam. I used polar/micro fleece that was stretchy and it it didn't matter how carefully you top stitched the fleece it still looked a bit shabby....

When out fabric shopping my rule that I hate sewing polar/micro fleece was soon forgotten. I was swayed by a pretty yellow coloured fabric. It was so pretty, a little bit of warmth in the middle of winter I thought to myself... Yes I'll buy that!

The parka hood and pocket are both lined with a yellow striped cotton fleece...

The photos below don't do the parka much justice, it just hangs like a sack in the pics. I need a little person to model the parka but there is not one in sight...On reflection I would certainly make this again, but I would use a lighter weight fabric. I think the pattern is definitely better in a light weight fabric. It might have made a difference if I hadn't lined the hood which added bulk.

Another sew-a-long blogger did their parka using bias to finish the seams, the edges of the hood etc. This might have worked better for my parka, I am not really happy with the front because the gathers are not very defined!

When you use a finer fabric the gathers in the front are more pronounced.
Apart from me not being so happy with the outcome this parka is
very warm and good for playing outside!
My cat is mental...he was banned from the sewing table today. But just
thought he might get in on the photo and nobody would notice!

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