Bernina 801: Removing the Frame Cover

How do you open the top (the frame cover) of your Bernina 801 sewing machine....Even I forget and I guess I haven't done this for awhile because my button was really stuck! My poor machine is getting tired and old. I must look under there more often (perhaps it need a little oil).

The release knob...
Press the release knob...
The frame cover can now be removed..
Now you can look inside


  1. I think you are turning into a sewing machine mechanic. ha. Such a great job, thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks, I wish I was...Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a sewing machine mechanic on hand who can fix your machine anytime you want :)

  3. Do you ever oil anything inside the top of your machine? I did on mine, but not sure if it is even recommended. I just remember doing that to other older machines, but it does not say to in the guide book. I hope I didn't overdo it. Any thoughts

  4. Yes I always oiled the top in my older machines. I have oiled the top of the 801 but I haven't done it for so long I'm not sure where I oiled it. The old Bernina 730 has a red mark to tell you where to put the oil.

    When I bought the machine new I was only told to oil shuttle and run a lead pencil round it for maintenance. What I can remember I didn't think you had to oil it so never did really..

    Seems weird though that you would oil the 730 and not the 801 though. I do know I read somewhere you never oil the nylon thing (is it the cam). I think your machine will be okay they seem to go forever with minimal oiling...

  5. I found this while looking for how to open an 817. Works the same way. I have the 817 manual, but the picture is so bad I couldn't find what to push.

    I would not oil or grease Nylon gears, but there are a number of places to oil. Many of the bearings have oil holes. Just look for places where things spin when you turn the crank. These machines obviously work for years without oiling, so I wouldn't overdo it.

    I have an 830 that is full of sticky varnish from over-oiling. If it were left in storage it would eventually freeze up.


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