More on The Merrylock 740DSA Overlocker

Do you struggle with looking for information on the 4-thread Merrylock 740DSA? It seems to be almost invisible on the Internet, my country New Zealand, doesn't have a lot of information either. Though it can still be bought off trade me  at (Direct Sewing Machines-Auckland) or here.

Juki MO-50/51e, any information you find on this serger/overlocker will also apply to the 4- thread Merrylock 740DSA.

Here are my latest findings...The Juki 50/51 MO-e  can now be bought in New Zealand through trade me  (Auckland Sewing). So If you wanted a Merrylock and can't get one you can get a Juki or visa versa. The Juki comes with the DVD.

Also the facade of the Juki MO-51/50 is different to the Merrylock but the three of them still have the same workings, threading, stitches etc.

Images © Sew Sister and Google
 You can see the facade on the Juki is totally different to the Merrylock
which is just straight and flat. Image© goggle

A video I like a lot on you tube gives you very specific instructions on the Juki MO-51e, and the instructions are suitable for the 4-thread Merrylock 740 DSA also. These are exactly the same instructions for learning to use the 4-thread Merrylock 740 DSE. 

One important lesson I did learn was the Merrylock overlocker/serger must be re threaded in order all the time. You will laugh at this one...I only discovered where my accessories were a few months back. They are hidden within the machine, nice and tidy...

Image © Sew Sister
Instruction Manual For Juki MO-51e:

To download the manual PDF go to This website takes a moment to open. Use this manual if you have not got a 4-thread Merrylock Manual it's the same instructions.

Juki Household Sewing Machine, Japan shows accessories that can be bought for the Juki MO-50e overlocker/serger, and I would say these will fit the Merrylock also. See here for MO-50e attachments.

Another Blogger has done a good review on the Juki; blog post-review Juki MO 50e/51e . This is worth having a look at too.

Optional Attachments For Juki and Merrylock:

  • Blind Stitch Foot
  • Elasticator Foot
  • Beading Foot
  • Piping Foot
  • Gathering Foot
  • Taping Foot

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