Making a Skirt

Today I started......well prepared to, sew except one thing was missing from my agenda.......When I was ready to start sewing I couldn't find my Elna overlocker. Where I have I put it? I really don't know, it'll turn up. In fact most of my sewing experience today has been a bit off.......I glued the iron-on stiffening to the iron (I had to wrong side up).....I hate that, now I'll have to clean the sticky stuff off......

The material I chose was around $35.00 a metres so being a really frugal gal I bought exactly what the pattern said 1 whole metre....I might have known buying the exact amount could be risky....... I decided to cut cut the skirt a little longer (there was a bit of material spare). I thought it was odd that I had excess, but didn't think to double check the pattern pieces. I needed to cut four facings not just two. I really had to scrounge to get them out of the scraps, I did it but they're not on the grain......One facing I will have to join but you won't see it.......It annoys me but it's too far to go back and buy more material.

Usually I have my Tru-Lock overlocker to fall back on but it's broken ( too much earth shakes)....Never mind I have made a start and most of the ground works done I just have to sew the skirt now......It always feels good when you have everything pinned up ready to go.

Making this in a Linen, very easy to press and sew
I haven't worked out what those lines are
On the skirt going to the hem
I thought they were seams but they are not
Perhaps they are showing the shape of the skirt

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