Bag Maker Make me a Bag

Bags are not my strong point and over the years I've made a couple, but just easy ones...... A lot of shops charge for bags now (saving the environment by not giving away their plastic bags...well maybe!). So it pays to have a stash of bags in your purse or car, saves you paying for one......

I took a liking for this fabric, then I took a liking for the green fabric as well. Both fabrics are cotton and the lime green cotton I used to line the bag.  The more open weaved, patterned cotton for the outside. The pattern I used was a Simplicity 2402 (easy) which I picked up for the bargain price of a $1.50.

This is a really simple easy shopping bag pattern. It has a pouch also, but I didn't make that as my bag was too bulky to fit into it...... I managed to get a bit stuck on the joining of the handles....... I just ended up doing it my way which was slightly messy but okay ( nice and strong).

The lining needs ironing......


  1. are busy ... Love the bag.

  2. Thanks......It's the school summer holidays here so I have the time for awhile anyway.


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