A New Look Gathered Skirt

I've just done my skirt fitting and now it's all finished.  This has to be the best fitting I've ever done, it just all fitted together it was amazing! The only alteration I had to do was shorten the skirt......View F, I imagine would be long on a shorter person, as it was long on a tall person. I also made the skirt  without the sash.

The fabric I used was a  colourful light cotton fabric and the pattern was New Look 6872 (easy) style A/F. I loved sewing this and it is easy as the pattern states, the skirt turned out  really well. The zipper goes all the way up to the skirt band, which is something different that worked very well with this style.

Looks long but it's a shorter on the wearer
New Look 6872
The band sits quite high 
I like this gathers look better than
 they usually do. It's got to be the 3 rows of
gathering stitch......
The zipper is in the side (not an invisible one though)


  1. I'm getting ready to use this pattern, and I'm having trouble deciding which view to use. I like the idea of the longer skirt, but I can't find pictures of that version anywhere! You said that it was long on a tall person, would you mind telling me where it fell on you, and how tall you are? Thank you!

  2. Hi

    It was made for an 182cm (just over 6 foot) person and I think it feel to her knees without the hem. I don't have the pattern in front to of me I know it was longer than most skirts I have made. There is not a floor length version on the pattern, it just seemed long to me because it was a meant to be a short skirt. It's very rare I have not added length a sewing pattern when sewing for this height. You could make it longer if you wanted real long by making the skirt part longer. Hope this helps...

  3. Whoops can't spell 'fell'
    Also if you measure hip to knee measurement of pattern you will know the length on your self too ...


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