Is Two Better Than Three?

I've started sewing a gathered cotton skirt and I think three rows of gathering stitch are much better than  two rows of gathering stitch. When you pull  all three threads it makes a  much firmer gather....this is my first time using three threads.......I've always been going to try gathering using thread and zig zag stitch, but I always go back to sewing rows of gathering stitch....I can never find any dental floss to use and it's too expensive to waste.

Three rows of gathering stitch, it's just a straight stitch set to loose
 setting I have a gathering foot but I never use it.......
I've overlocked in grey thread, someone said quilter's grey is good for overlocking lots of colours it blends in ......What is quilters grey do you know? Is it the name of the colour of the cotton? If it's the name of the cotton it doesn't exist in my shopping patch I can't find it. Anyway I used light grey and then a bit of dark on my overlocker......easier than changing threads to black :)

Which grey is quilters grey? The dark or light one? The messy book
in the background is my old Bernina Manual......
I'm at a stand still now, can't sew anymore until I do the fitting......It's a new pattern I'm being cautious!


  1. I always uses 2, never tried 3...I should see ! thanks for the tip ! xx

  2. Hi

    I was impressed doing 3 rows I seemed to get better gathers more even (for me) I think..


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