Another Kwik Sew and a big Cleanup

What am I doing this morning? Cleaning up the sewing mess I made on the long weekend ( I don't have a sewing space). I'm not getting far because now I've 'jumped ship' and are now blogging...

After I finished Kwik Sew 3308 View C I continued on to View A (I didn't clean up the sewing mess from View C so you can imagine the chaos). Kwik Sew View A is a simple halter top, gathered at the neck. It buttons at the back of the collar. The fabric I used is a embroidered white cotton fabric with a paisley design.

I had no problems with the pattern, it fitted very well. For a longer length I just cut the length to the XL size instead the of M then I added on another inch in length. I love this top it's so 60's I had one just like it in a floaty pink.....Perhaps that's why I was so keen to sew it for someone else. Oh well, time to go.....I've  had my break it's back to the clean up now!

This is the second dummy I have owned and this one sports a
 big bust. Which makes the fitting harder as I can't shrink it...
Now the bust is looking looking bigger in this top!


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