No Sew Polar Fleece Blanket

I'm making an easy blanket. I have lots of random bits of polar fleece, and I use them for pet blankets....But now it's all a bit 'over the top' I have too many pet blankets. So joining two together was a good idea!

 I've liked making these no sew blankets it seemed more fun because it's absolutely pouring with rain here....and the polar fleece was so warm on my hands!

 There are lots of tutorials out there on the web to chose from and I used one off you tube as my guide. Excuse the weird choice of polar fleece for a pet it was just so cheap I had to buy it at the time....

Making the Blanket

To start you just lay both pieces of the material down with right sides facing outwards. The length I used was a big oblong I didn't bother measuring it.

I then cut a square out 5"x5" with scissors at each end...a bit wonky but
it doesn't matter here....
Then I lined up the fabric cutting length with a ruler...
I used my finger width as a rough guide to cut the strips
Then the strips were knotted in a overhand knot to
form the blanket...
I had help from a white pawed cat who loved the ties...
I later made a smaller one for her!
All finished the blanket didn't look too bad considering the fleece
 wasn't new...


  1. thanks for sharing.. great idea to jazz it up pets blankets

  2. Thanks it is a great idea wish I'd thought of it...and so easy too

  3. I have just found your blog and was pleased to see you are from NZ as well....not too many of us out there.


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