Chocolate Chunk Biscuits

Do you watch River Cottage on TV? (set in Dorset, UK). I do, but I must admit I shut my eyes when something is killed, then chopped up to cook and eat.... I'm a scardy cat, if I had to do that I would be totally vegetarian. I like to pretend meat just comes from the supermarket.

I love the baking and growing of veges and the community on River Cottage. I really liked Hugh's quick and easy chocolate chip cookies they are a real treat...... I do love easy baking and this recipe is very quick to make but I think extremely bad for the hips!

If you want the recipe for River Cottage 10-minute Chocolate Chip Cookies you can find it on the River Cottage  website.  I use any type of chocolate whatever is on special (but usually good quality and palm oil free, and not always dark chocolate). I must say these cookies taste even better the next day if you manage not to eat them all at once, the chocolate flavour deepens......

By the way I must say it is such a gorgeous day here, the suns shining and it is so spring like.....I  just love it!  My sewing machine has been sitting on the dinning room table for two weeks just to be admired and not used....Oh I'll have to motivate myself!

These are flat 'cow pat' looking cookies
I love the nice crunch you get. But best of
  all these cookies taste good frozen too!


  1. I've banned myself from making these you can't stop eating them. I should have sent them to you LOL


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