My calico cover is a real 'blast from the past'. I made it years ago and it's very old now....So it  just sits on top of my freezer. I used a painting of a cat for inspiration, but I've forgotten now where I found it. I know it was in a book......Oh those were the days when I just created things, now it seems  to be more of a chore, where did I get all that energy?

I  thought I'd take a pic so my effort can stay ageless in cyberspace. Sadly now there is mildew on the  satin white pussy tummy and it's all rumpled with a few more dirty marks too. I can't wash it because it would never be the same....

To make this: I used fabric paint, wool, satin. calico, corduroy,
embroidery thread, velvet, and sequins for the butterflies,
fluff for the caterpillar and pink felt on the paws....


  1. What a great project. Don't fool yourself, you are still doing fabulous things, you just have more in your life now.

  2. Thanks Rhonda for your nice comment life seems to get busier as you get older LOL!


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