Funny Bunny Cream Lamingtons

Decorating Lamingtons can be a lot of fun for pre-schoolers. They can help whip up the cream and spoon it onto their Lamingtons.  Next they can place the ears,which are made by cutting the tops in half. Next the children can place two small eyes and  a jelly nose onto their funny bunny cream Lamingtons.

Except I managed to ruin the jelly noses because I forgot to set the jelly the night before...We had to use chocolate dots instead and there were no whiskers because I forgot to buy those.

Decorating Lamingtons is a good way children can practice their is hand-eye co-ordination. You can even have the children use child friendly plastic tweezers and use these to pick up the M&M's and chocolate dots.. Jelly, though is a little bit trickier so the children may need your help.

Not only are Lamingtons very nice to eat, the children get a real tactile experience decorating them. But you nee to just shut your eyes to all the mess...

My jelly noses were a total disaster I put the
 jelly in the freezer to set and forgot about it.
It ended up a slushy mess and now we have
two quirky looking bunnies...
We used chocolate drops for the noses instead. of
the jelly..Oh and I didn't bake the Lamingtons
I bought them!

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