Art Apron Sewing

The pattern I have used here is from this website.  You can also download the pattern here. I used a waterproof fabric and added double lined pockets to the bottom of the apron. The size I used was the largest one and I lengthened the apron for the height of the child. It made a very fitted slim full body apron. In hindsight perhaps I could have made it wider...

What I really like about this pattern is that the waist strap is attached by Velcro. Very easy for the child to put on and off with out help of an adult.

This is a Montessori apron I believe...But I think it would be excellent for all early childhood centres like kindergarten and pre-school. This is definitely a good style art apron for older children.

Did it keep the paint off?
Mostly it did, except boys being boys they managed to put paint on each other!

Would I make it again?
Yes I would this is a fabulous pattern and I'll enlarge the size of the pattern as the child grows...


  1. SO cute.. Love your new apron.. is the water proof fabric , hard to sew? I want to make a raincoat,but scared of it.ha

  2. Thanks, No it's not to hard to sew I just watch my stitch length and use a longer one plus a special foot for plastics, leather etc. Makes it a bit easier. I'm sure you could handle a raincoat you are a good sewer. I would test on fabric first to see how your machine handles it. Buy a wee scrap of waterproof fabric to try stitxhes first...Happy sewing!


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