Oh dear!

The last few days I've been mending and this time I thought I'd clean up my mess straight away. I spotted a wheel off one of my plastic sewing drawers,  I picked it up and went to sit down on my sewing chair thinking I'll fix this. When suddenly I found myself falling down, did the chair move or was it even there? I landed fair and square on my bottom...I now have a sore butt! Oh the silly things I do to sew...

It probably isn't a good idea to have a sewing chair with wheels on it. But it is very handy to wheel yourself from the sewing machine to overlocker without having to get up...


  1. oops.. Hope the sewing goes away soon.. I have a rolling chair in my sewing room too..[Not to good of an idea!!!]

  2. Yes it was an oops LOL, be careful on your rolling chair :). Happy sewing!


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