Trouble in Paradise: Elna 745

I knew it was too good to be true....that Elna 745 always causes me grief! Well for almost two hours, could I re-thread this overlocker after changing to grey thread? No, I didn't take my own advice to completely re-thread the machine when changing thread. I left the two needles with the threads on and re-threaded in any order. Big mistake the Elna 745 stitches became a tangle of grey with no chain stitch in sight!

This new thread cost around $30.00 for 5 cones with postage, made in India
bought in NZ. Has anyone used this brand before?
Lesson learnt...You must, yes you MUST re-thread in  the order stated not tie knots in the thread and take the easy way out. This machine does not like it. Well mine certainly does not, others may differ. I found out what the problem was, I needed to start back at the beginning and re-thread the Elna 745 correctly. Yes it was all my fault, I also forgot to put the thread through the clamps at the top of the machine as well.

Sewers of a young age...make the most of your young, sharp eyes, because these are the stupid mistakes you make when you are old, though not old, old yet. Not having so sharper eye sight, and two hours to spare you miss the obvious. Oh I wish I still had the eye sight of my youth I could sew black at night, see every little stitch.

Now in NZ it's almost spring and I feel like sewing, not sure what yet so I'm getting my machines ready for a hive of activity...Well I hope so I've had a long drought of no interest in sewing whats so ever.

Thanks goodness it wasn't the thread that upset my Elna's stitches..
All good now Elna 745 5-thread all ready for action.

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