Elna 745: 5-Thread Stitch

You know I only use this machine to sew a 2- thread rolled hem....It's rather a waste of a machine. But I have never been able to make friends with this overlocker. I either hate it, or just tolerate it.

Though I must say it's ability to power through the fabric is way much more superior than my other overlockers. I know I'm rather spoilt for choice, and that comes with age. I have been lucky enough able to try different machines as I have got older. Hence I have more overlockers than I should.

Today I dusted off the Elna 745 and decided to once again try and fix the 5-thread stitch. I bought the overlocking machine for the 5-thread only. Except the chain always kept breaking and it just would sew a 4-thread stitch.

Now to try and fix the 745 I went back to basics and did a total re-thread in the order suggested. Then changed the needles and oiled the machine.

Hmm...the spool holders won't slide to the bottom...
Are they supposed too? Maybe I have mixed up machine cones.
It's easy to oil...Just oil here
I did it I can't believe it worked. I loosened off the tension on the lower
looper which is used for making the chain stitch. It was that simple.
Next I wrote everything down that I did and  then glued a sample in a sewing book. So if it does not work again I will have a point of reference. Are we friends the 745 and I? Maybe for now...

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