Feed the Birds....

Hungry Blackbirds....I think it's time to buy some netting! But netting is so ugly and the big brown dog will just pinch it and cause havoc in the garden. This all reminds me of a wonderful story I used to read to children......

The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear by Audrey Wood, Perhaps I need a little mouse to help me save my strawberries from the big fat Blackbird!

The birds have eaten them all. This is
 the worst year for birds in the garden. Maybe
I'll paint some stones like strawberries then
the the birds will think there are no edible
  strawberries down there. I saw this idea on
 Pinterest. I wonder if it would work?
My seedlings have sprouted in my paper pots
They are mostly green beans
My table is finished It has new legs. My son gave
 me this feedback. "It looks okay but you could
have painted it another colour." I defended my
 choice of  yellow paint. I was being frugal and
saving dollars. Anyway there is an indoor
outdoor flow going on here. I bet he would
 loved it if I'd painted the table blue...


  1. I love your happy yellow table. I also like the idea of your paper seedling pots. Great idea. I'm going to use it and also pass it along to a friend who has a very large garden.

  2. Thanks very much I don't mind the yellow colour too, it's something different....The paper pots have been really good we have had some rain storms here and they have stood up well, haven't fallen apart at all....


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