Run, Run,Gingerbread Man

I'm making gingerbread men and I've never made big gingerbread men before.  I really should have rung my mother for the recipe. She is very good at making them, she makes them for her great grandchildren....Except, the impatient daughter I am got the recipe online instead of using my mother's recipe.

The recipe I used is changed slightly to include ginger as the only spice. I can tell you when I find a recipe on line my whole family cringes because I have had a more disasters than success...

This recipe is fine it's been child tested....I can imagine it would taste very nice with all the other spices added too. It was so tasty for the boy he was up in the middle of the night drawing, designing and decorating his own gingerbread man for himself.

The Gingerbread Man Recipe can be found here. For my version I did everything the same except for adding 1 1/2 TB of ground ginger instead of the other spices. Then I substituted Golden Syrup for the molasses.

Also  I could have used my gingerbread house recipe too I forgot about my effort here. I guess I have Christmas brain (too much to think about and everything is happening so fast).

I got a bit carried away with the icing. I
used icing writing pens and water icing.


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