The Strawberry Patch-2012

All my strawberry plants are covered with hay from bunny's hutch...she's in rabbit heaven now. She is buried under the big strawberry pot with a stone rabbit placed amongst the strawberry plants. Such a beauty she was, a big Vienna Flemish Giant...

We'll miss her big bunny poops!
The little girls will miss her very much...

The strawberry plants are in raised beds with packaging plastic wrapped around the box to keep them warm (our temperature changes so quickly).  Also the plastic wrap stops a big dog from burying her bones in the 'Strawberry Patch'.

Strawberry patch number 1
The first Strawberry of the season from patch number 2
The birds didn't get this one, but they'll be
watching and then they'll be pecking!


  1. So sorry about your bunny. It's always difficult to loose a beloved pet. What a lovely strawberry patch you!

    1. Thanks I sort of miss the bunny yes it's sad when you lose your pets...The Strawberries are growing well except for the birds, they are hungry and are eating them...

  2. Replies
    1. Hoping to have some for Christmas except the birds are eating them:(


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