Freezing those Garden Greens

Funny how you can pick heaps of spinach and then when you freeze it there is hardly any at all....
This year I planted a big leaf type spinach (I've forgotten the name). I know it was a Yates seed brand.

   Freezing Spinach
* Pick the Spinach from your garden or buy some fresh

* Wash the spinach then blanch it (bring a pot of water to the boil)

*When the water is boiling put the spinach in for 2-4 minutes

* When time is up remove spinach straight away it should be just soft
* Put the spinach in a colander and then run cold water over it or soak in a bowl of ice cold water

* Then remove the spinach and spin in a  lettuce spinner or squeeze in a sterile towel

* Chop up the spinach if you like

* Package the spinach in a air tight plastic container pop the lid on and place in freezer

* You can also package in plastic bags to freeze I just didn't have any to use...

My Spinach is  all ready to freeze. I just need to put a
 lid on the container and store in the freezer


  1. Nothing better than spinach from the garden! Yours looks so good. I can almost taste it;)

  2. Thanks it's nice to have home grown at least you know it's fresh and not sprayed with something nasty...


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