Making Christmas Coasters

What you will need:
* Four Tiles
* Scissors
* Ruler
* Pencil
* PVA glue
* Water based Varnish
* Christmas Scrap booking paper
* 2 paint brushes
* Mod Podge
This is the tutorial I followed.

Getting ready to start 
Pictures all cut out to fit the tiles
PVA glue (white glue) the paper onto the tile
Use a card to help smooth out the glued picture
onto the tile. Helps to remove any bubbles
Cover in Mod Podge make sure the
glue underneath is really dry or you'll
get bubbles...
All ready to varnish when the
  Mod Podge is totally dry
Varnished...wait till dry before
adding a backing to the underneath
Add glue to back of tile...
Press your cut square of felt onto
the tile. I used a roller...
Finished next time I might leave some
 of the tile showing as a border....


  1. What a cute and easy little gift idea!

  2. These are so cute.. I see [non- Christmas ones] being made in my future,ha.

    1. Yes I think they would be good to make with other designs I hope to do it again too :)


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