Fixing The Christmas Nutcracker

My battered 80's Nutcracker men needed fixing. They no longer have their golden threads to hang by and are very battered and used. Gosh they've seen a lot of life good and bad!

Because this was a 'spur of the moment' quick fix it job there was no golden thread to use, just plain old jute....I guess you could spend a lot more time making the join much nicer than what has been done here. Perhaps you could put a small bead to hide the glue join and use a golden thread...

To Fix a Nutcracker Ornament:

* Drill a hole in the centre of his hat top, use a small drill piece
* Squirt a small blob of melted glue from the glue gun into hole
* Next attach a piece of pre-cut string and push the ends into the glue
* Let the glue dry and then hang your Nutcracker onto the tree

Once again ye shall hang on the 'Christmas Tree'
This year the small tree has become a
 'Nutcracker Tree', last year it was a
'Bird Tree'...
My 'Elf on the Shelf' she's a 1970's gal!
Full of mischief and fun and in need of
some cotton and thread...


  1. Such a good job , repairing the toy soldier.. love the tree.. Merry Christmas

  2. Thanks very much, Merry Christmas to you too!

  3. thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks just found another one to fix!


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