Many cultures have something similar to Perogi (Polish Dumplings) like Won Tons from China, Italy has Ravioli and Japan, Gyozi. My filling for Pierogi is just mashed potatoes and cottage cheese, it's the only one I know and the only one Babcia did. There are so many versions of for making Pierogi dough. This is just one of them and seems to work for me so I keep using it.

I use a Pierogi maker and this was sent to me years ago from a little shop in New York. They were very hard to find way back then. Now I see there are many different ones that you can buy on e-bay. Mine is made by Villareware...

I have no confidence making my Pierogi by hand, I have watched it done a few times and I am not so clever......I don't have magic fingers that turn out perfectly shaped Pierogi so I use a Pierogi maker. This is a bit time consuming and my dough tends to dry out near the end....But I make six at a time and my little Pierogi look very uniform in size which pleases me and I don't feel like a failed Pierogi maker!

Pierogi Recipe
3 cups plain flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon softened butter
2 eggs lightly whisked
3/4 to 1 cup warm milk
Mashed potatoes and Cottage Cheese
I used approx 12 Agria potatoes and 250g Cottage Cheese (I added more for taste)
Judge the amounts you want by tasting your filling. You'll know how you want it to taste...

*Sift dry ingredients together
* Mix butter and eggs add warmed milk
* Combine dry ingredients and wet, knead on floured surface
* Roll the dough to about 1/8 inch thickness
* Now your ready to cut out with circle cutter
* Add the filling
* Make sure edges of Pierogi are sealed
* Drop Pierogi into boiling water they are ready when they float to the surface
* Now fry Pierogi in butter with chopped bacon, onions and serve...
* Freeze the excess Pierogi, this recipe makes a few....

You  also can make Pierogi by cutting out the dough
 with a glass. Next put the filling on the dough circle
 and fold in half, seal then boil.... Just to be different
I made them once using Won Ton wrappers!

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