Sewing in the 70's

I'm not doing much sewing at present just buying patterns and not I've looked to the past for my post...

Do you call the 70's vintage? There aren't  too many photos of me in clothes I made myself. I used to hate people asking me did I sew my outfit? I always pretended I didn't. Before I wore my sewn clothes I always washed them so they they looked worn...Crazy really, but I think I equated home sewn clothes with being poor 'you couldn't afford to buy shop bought ones' also I hated the attention!

Myself with the children is one of my favourite pic's...Of course I avoid the sun now, but in those days you were always in it we didn't know any better...

Gosh how did I turn those skinny straps? I did everything properly back them with no overlocker either and everything was sewn on my Bernina 730.

I sewed, the two sundresses, plus my jacket, and
the maroon one too. It was a knock-off of
a store bought one. 
The gingham bikini and dress I sewed  lasted a very
long time. It's was still being worn a couple of
years later..


  1. Lovely pictures and memories. I too have struggled with telling people that I sew.

    1. Thanks very much it's nice to know I'm not the only one. You are such fantastic sewer whish I could do as much as you!

  2. How fun.. I enjoyed your photos..
    Yes I remember the 70's too.. I really could not sew well. We had just got married and hubby bought my first sewing machine.. I mainly sewed for my daughter when she came along in 1973.
    I think sewing was a looked down on thing back then--- only poor people who couldn't afford things sewed.. [of course I am from Ms, and that could have just been the stigma from Ms.] THe older people sewed, but the younger generation would not dare sew. TIme does change ,doesn't it?
    I didn't know how to sew, but I really wanted to learn. We were very poor , newly married, just starting out and if I were going to dress my baby girl in the adorable dresses, I had to make and I soon discovered, what fun it was.
    Thanks for a great post.

  3. Thank you time has changed so much and we now have the internet to perfect our sewing and see what others are doing too...Thanks for your nice thoughts I loved reading them nd also about sewing in Ms. You are a great sewer too I wish I was as good...

  4. I remember the 70's sewing, but sadly it was my dear Mum doing most of the sewing then. She would make me the most beautiful clothes, and I never told a sole who made them. I was dabbling in sewing myself around this time, but nothing substantial. Funny how we de-valued the creative art of sewing back then. But, knitted home-made items where a different story - it was great to have Mum knit a new jumper, with matching scarf, gloves and mittens back in the 70's. Those I showed off with pride...must hunt out an old piccie and post it...J

  5. Yes I think we all had knitted items back then and I think you're right we wore them with pride... I think we did devalue sewing back then. Perhaps not so much now though old habits die hard I still don't tell anyone I sewed it!


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