Janome CoverPro 1000CP

Today I'm playing around with the Janome CoverPro 1000CP. Some people love them and some don't.....There is plenty of information on about this machine and other cover hem machines. I must admit I hated this cover hem machine for a long time, it's main issue was that it missed stitches when going over seams. But that all changed with practice and knowledge and lots of reading of online resources. Now it's my best friend and I now enjoy using it, though it can still be temperamental with some fabrics....

What does this cover machine do?
 It's a three three and two needle operation, another words you can do a three thread cover hem stitch and a two thread cover hem stitch. When using the three thread stitch, you use 4 spools on cotton just 3 for the two. You can also do chain stitch on this machine. The width for stitches are: 3 needle cover stitch, 6mm and 2 needle cover stitch, 6mm. It also does a 3mm cover stitch.

What needles does it use?
Schmetz ELX705

Stand alone models available:
Janome CoverPro 900 CP (discontinued here I think, but can be picked up second hand)
Janome CoverPro 1000CP
Janome CoverPro 1000 CRX

Other stand alone models:
Elna Cover Hem 444 very similar or same as the Janome CoverPro

Links for using a cover hem machine:
Stitches and Seams

Support: For fixing or problems with the machine take back to your Janome dealer. Very little support in way of classes here in NZ.

Online Manual:  Janome CoverPro1000CP

Janome  CoverPro 1000CP is a light weight stand
alone, free arm cover hem machine You can carry it around
easily....Also you are able to adjust tensions manually
to suit your fabric. It also has an extension table
 but I don't use it...
Light... and thread cutter to the left (you can't see it in pic)
It has a large bed space too...
Thread tensions can be adjusted manually and are colour coded
Inside the CoverPro...lower lopper, simple colour coded
diagram to follow for threading the machine
Close up...Sideways view of lower lopper
Manual is easy to follow and user friendly...


  1. Hi there,
    I was given a CoverPro 1000CP with no manual or power cord/foot pedal. I had a sewing store order the parts and thread it for me. I am just trying to learn to use it for the first time. Currently, it's tearing the thread when I start - perhaps they put the wrong needles in? When you say it uses the Schmetz ELX705, which size - when I google it, different sites give me different sizes and some don't say ELX 705 on the little plastic case - but 130/705 H-J or H-E...Do you happen to have a link for ordering these online? I'm sure you know the best place...I'm in Canada.

    Also, do you happen to know if I can find/purchase the accessory kit that would have come with this machine from somewhere or only single items in it? If so, which are your favorite items in the kit that you may recommend I get?

    Thanks so much! Seems a little daunting at the moment, but I know it will be really fun if I can get this thing going! :)

    Many blessings,

    1. Hi there,
      I have owned a cover pro for app 2 years had a lot of trouble with it allsorts , couldn't get it right .
      I pulled it out again lately did some checking up on internet what other people said about it plus talking to people around of the first things I worked out myself was the pressure foot was to tight ,it wouldn't let the fabric glide through properly ,so I loosened it off quite a bit -just fine now , I only found this out as I have just brought a industrial machine had trouble with that trying to sew track pants material it was pulled out of shape even ironed it ,that didn't fix it properley -lady told me the pressure was to tight which is how the machine came ,that fixed the problem it was set at height 2 instead of just over 3 I have never had to adjust the pressure on any thing before. if the pressure is set to tight it won't let the fabric glide through smooth , have a play with this or ask some one how to do it.the pressure knob is right on top of the machine above where your needle goes - also you may have problems with needles - go to schmetz website info there is info there on 2 needles for cover pro 1000.some times the needle skips stitches going over seams if the needle is blunt or not right up , change your needle then try again.- also another place for pulling out the material when you have finished sewing with out loosing the threads go to janome Canada ,then pick from the list janome Canada you tube .from there right down the bottom on left click on inspiratiions : cover pro. there a lady shows you how to pull your fabric out ,lock in the stitches so they don't come out when you pull your fabric out . this video is the best I have come across- now I use my cover pro all the time . if you have trouble keep in mind - pressure, tension,needles.
      hope this is helpful to you

    2. Hi there

      Thanks so much for your input it's always good to haveinformation from everyone. Must look at mine the next time I'm using it and see what happens...

  2. Hi
    Perhaps your thread is not the right kind, yes needles need to be the EL705 Schmetz that is what is written in the manual too. The ones I have are two different sizes you get 2 12's (80) and 3 14's (90) this is also in the manual too.. To be honest I have not taken much notice of my needle size I usually put in 14's if doing 3 needles. Yes the machine can be daunting mine sat for 6 months before I used it and I almost hated it until I figured out how to use it. I'll get back to you on the rest you've asked me I just buy my needles at a sewing shop and not too sure about the accessory kit where you can buy online. Janome are the dealers that sell the cover-pro here, anyway I'll do some research and get back to you.

    For ideas or info. you can also look in the forums here I found them really handy...

  3. Try e-bay for the needles I have seen them there it must be Schmetz EL X 705. I see you can get Organ ones I am not sure how they would go. I think you have to get them with the mixed size as I haven't seen any all the same size...

    or Hamels Fabric's and Quilting store Canada has them too

  4. The accessory box you would have to order from a dealer Janome I asume.

    The only things I need in my box is the screwdrivers, tweezers, screws, brush the rest I don't use though I should. You definitely need a needle holder screw driver or you won't be able to get your needle out.......

    You could make a kit up with the items I listed on the blog post, the only thing you might want to order is the screws so you can add a binder...The rest of the items you may be able to source and make your own kit for the machine...Hope this all helps!

  5. I have a link to the manual in my post 'Lost Manual' which you may find in can download it which is great:)

  6. As with any machine, we all need to dedicate ourselves to sitting down and learning how to use it properly. The Janome 1000CP is no different. I started with the 900CP, later sold it, and bought the 1000CP. I LOVE this machine! It is one of the best sewing investments I've made over the years. In my experience, it's a simple to use, no-nonsense workhorse. Presser foot pressure adjustment is easily made using the rounded end of the tweezers that come with the machine - righty-tighty, lefty-loosey applies here - simple! With respect to tensions, just reference the handy guide that's imprinted on the machine itself. It couldn't be easier.

    Don't be afraid to play with the tensions during a practice session. I can't stress enough that if you will discipline yourself to sit down with the machine for a couple of hours and make yourself be adventurous enough to adjust settings and experience for yourself what happens when you make changes, you WILL learn this machine and enjoy all it has to offer. Most problems that people encounter with this machine are user-based due to a lack of knowledge about how it operates and/or not following the instructions properly.

    In my opinion, it's one of the best values to be had in sewing equipment.


    1. Thanks for your comment, very helpful you are right it is great value and I'm happy using it. Still got a lot of learning to do too...I do like the simplicity of it and the design :)


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