Knight Costume

This is what I've been sewing, a Knight costume for Arthur. I drafted the Tabard, but used a Simplicity pattern for top and helmet. I lengthened the grey top as it was rather short, my Tabard was open at the sides...

 I'll put the number of the pattern up at some stage.  My sewing has all been packed away (for Christmas day). How sad is that? Now because it's all been packed away I have the urge to sew...But you know when it's out I do hardly any. However I have big plans for next year I'm going to make the more difficult sewing projects I have been avoiding all year...

The Tabard fabric is crushed velvet, it was a rather
slippery sew...but I got there in the end
The grey top is a winter weight stretch fabric


  1. Great costume. I too, cleaned my sewing room up and put everything away.. And Now I have the urge to sew. Best wishes with you next year projects.
    Sending best wishes to you and your family for a blessed and Merry Christmas.

  2. I know when you put the sewing away you want to sew I have been lost so I started making a mess doing other things LOL...Yes I look forward to your projects too, you seem so productive with all your sewing. Thank you and also wonderful wishes to you and you family too :)


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