Small Christmas Bags

I think I need bows for my bags I'm making.  Bows will make them look so much nicer. My fluffy wire stuff doesn't look too good...Oh well I'm off to the fabric shop. I guess I won't come out with just ribbon, there will be other treasures too...the joy of sewing!

French seamed the side seams and 2 thread rolled hem
on the top...
 Organza Xmas bags...


  1. I laughed when i read your post.. That is so "me".. I just have to have something from the fabric store...But of course, I know, I will come home with a bag of goodies..[fabric included]. Oh, the joys of sewing.. Enjoy your trip to the store... Happy sewing.
    love the bags.. so pretty.. I am making bags for the people at the nursing home,
    and filling them with little things.. Which reminds me , I need to get them finished.

    1. Thanks, glad I Made you laugh I've even been known to be at the check out and I've forgotten the thing I came into the sewing shop for...The people in the nursing home are going to love your bags it must be really nice for them,
      Happy Sewing, I'm baking for Xmas now...well I'm thinking about it :)

  2. Thanks, they are all filled now...


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