Being Frugal is so Easy

It's Friday and I'm being frugal again, it's Frugal Friday...
This is very easy project which probably doesn't need a tutorial. But it's good way to save some of your grocery dollars...I hate paying out for cloths, sponges just to dust or wipe my bench. I now make micro/polar fleece cloths instead. They work just as well as the bought ones and wash up nicely too.

Cloth size: 15" X 15" (80cm approx)
Fabric: Polar fleece, I bought a couple of metres for $10.00
Materials needed: Polar or Micro fleece, overlocker, thread, scissors, measuring square, template, Rotary cutter, pen

Make template out of board and lay it 
on the fabric. Then cut around it with a
 rotary cutter. You can also trace around 
 the template with a pen and then cut out the
 fabric with scissors if you prefer...
Cut out double thickness or as many layers 
as your rotary cutter can handle... 
Now overlock the squares, you can use a contrast
cotton if you like. You can leave them as they are
 too...But I prefer them edged it gives the cleaning
cloth some class!
Use woolly nylon on the lower lopper of
your overlock/serger. I'm using a
  3 thread overlock stitch
Curve the corners as you overlock the
I use a close overlock stitch to finish the edges
but you can also use a wider spaced stitch.
I prefer the closer stitch...
All finished with curved edges ready to fold
 Put away and ready to use....

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