CoverPro: Removing the Fabric

How to I remove the fabric from your Janome CoverPro 1000CP?

Because the cover hem machine is not like a sewing machine you cannot just stop stitching and  then pull the fabric out and snip the threads...This is how I remove fabric from the Janome CoverPro1000CP when I've finished sewing. There are other ways too, but this is my method I use.

Stitching to the end of the fabric.....
Lift foot, use and pull the threads towards you.
Then  pull the fabric backwards towards the left
side....Sometimes I have to turn the wheel to release
 the stitches before I can pull the fabric back
You need to cut the thread, there is a thread cutter on the
 side of the machine. Then knot or sew in the thread to stop
the stitches unravelling...I use fabric glue. This is important
as the thread will unravel easily....

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