Learning to use the Hump Jumper

There is a teaching video I at  S N Designs Co for learning how to use your 'Hump Jumper'. You can also find more information on the Hump Jumper and other sewing products on Sandy's other  website. The Hump Jumper can also be purchased here too. SN Designs Co. ships internationally as well...


  1. Thanks for sharing.. I need one of these. I have some blue jeans to hem for my grandaugher..

  2. It helps when you go over those bumpy seams :)

  3. Hi Sew Sister
    Sandy here, inventor of the Hump Jumper. Thank you very much for sharing my information! Have you ever tried my Puts-it? The Puts-it is perfect notion for controlling, placing and tracing. Also, the tapered needle hole is perfect for replacing needles for those with arthritic fingers.

    Thank you again

    Happy Sewing
    Than Hump Jump Lady

    1. Thank you for your invention. I haven't tried your other items but will keep them in mind and check them out at some stage. Great wee invention your Humper Jumper, thanks very much :)


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