Toot Toot it's a Little Tutu

This is Andy and he's modelling one of the no-sew tutus I have been making (his waist is just the perfect size). Yes that lavender and purple netting was in my stash too. I really don't know why I bought it I had no plans for it...It was on special at Spotlight years ago and like the 'moth to a flame' I  bought it!

There are lots of tutorials on the Internet for no sew tutus. Pinterest is a good place to look too...The tutorial I chose and really liked was on the Paige and Brooke blog. The tutu blog post can be found here. My knots are not as good as they have done on their tutu (they look so dainty). I think my netting is too stiff.  On the second tutu my knots where a lot better...

Do you want to know about Andy?...poor thing he has felt pen on his head, and his embroidery cotton is all thready, and there is a water mark on his head. Someones stolen his hat!  He's been dragged about that 'Andy Pandy'. He's a 90's boy rag a muffin man. We won't talk about 'Raggedy Anne' she's stuffed in the linen cupboard with half her hair pulled out. She was never as popular as Andy.

The Sewing Pattern I used to make Andy was McCall's 5567. If you ever find one it makes a good sized 36"Andy Pandy and Raggedy Anne.

The two on Andy and the other
on the bush in the right of the photo
 Andy Pandy in his rather crumpled hat.
Raggedy Anne  with her  8ply wool hair.
What a big mistake that was it fell out
when she was played with...
McCall's Crafts 5567

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