Big Beach Bag

I've just finished sewing my white cherry oil cloth fabric. It's been in my stash for ages. I didn't have enough to make the bag all in white so I used scraps left over from the cushion cover I made.

The tutorial I referred to was the Oil Cloth Beach Bag
Also here is another similar Beach Bag tutorial
found here.

Was the tutorial easy to follow?
It was very easy to follow I just printed it out and followed the instructions. My bag didn't have as high pockets on one side as in the tutorial, I ran out of fabric. I also made my straps thinner because I ran out of white fabric as well.

When the beach bag was finished it was a perfect size for the beach. Though my pockets were not perfect I accidentally cut one side of the pockets too short (I think I was half asleep!).  But I sewed the two pieces of fabric together to make do.

Would I make this again?
Yes I would and what I really like is my bag is waterproof and it does makes the hassle of sewing oil cloth worthwhile.
What I'd Change:
Next time I will make the pockets a bit deeper.
Changes I did Make:
I put a zipped pouch, attached by a strap to the side seams for make-up etc. I also attached a ring to a strap inside so you can clip your keys onto it.

The  oil cloth and tutorial print-out
Joining the straps together....
Just like making bias
Making the thin straps...clips to hold
I'm totally getting the evil eye...
Placing the straps ready to sew...
A bit tricky as I was trying not to
use pins
Sewing the straps on using
the Bernina 801
The make-up pouch it's actually
 square but doesn't look it in the pic
Some hard core sewing today...
Finally finished
Now  it's all ready to fill with towels...


  1. THis is adorable. Was the oil cloth easy to sew?
    Love the fabric you chose.. just perfect.

    1. Thank you... I find oil cloth a bit tricky as it's slippery but if you use tape and clips it's fine. The only problem I have is my tension sometimes goes wonky...

  2. Zips on the outside pockets would have made it better I lose things LOL. But it is a good bag for the beach...


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