Bernina 801: Removing the Needle Holder Screw

To remove the needle holder screw you need to unscrew it with a screwdriver. It's a very easy way to change your sewing machine needle. The Bernina 801 Sewing Machine came with a little black screw driver with a wee prong in the middle especially for this purpose.

Don't worry if you have lost yours or have not got one, you can still get your sewing machine needle out. Just use a small screwdriver that fits into the top of the screw, a ordinary flat sided screwdriver will do the trick. I am unsure if you can replace or even buy the black screwdriver. It really is a real gem if you have one keep it!

If you've lost your screw (needle clamp screw) for the Bernina 801 needle holder it might be possible to replace it with one similar....A sewing repair shop may have something or hardware store. Because it is just the thread on the screw that is holding the needle in place when you tighten it. You just need something that fits..

Ready to remove the sewing machine
The original  black metal screwdriver  you
use to remove the needle holder screw
Very easy to unscrew, I really like this
 type of needle holder...I can  see it!
Nearly there....
Having the prong on the screw driver
 makes it easier to remove and still
hold onto the screw
This is what the needle clamp screw
looks like....
The front view of the needle
holder screw
Now you are ready to pull the needle out
and replace it. Next you then place the
screw back into the needle holder and
re-screw tightly

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