Granny was a Dressmaker

I've been having a tidy up and I found my Granny's sewing machine photo. This was her new Singer machine and the last one she used. It was then passed down to my Aunt. I don't know where it is now (wished I had it). It's a Singer Fashion Mate 237 it's supposed to have a really good satin stitch.
Close-up....(source Google)
We are such lucky sewers these days with all our fancy sewing machines. In my Gran's day you only had a plain basic mechanical sewing machine...Oh how I would have loved to see how Granny sewed everything and what finishes she used to tidy up her seams. Here is a pic showing some of the dresses she made for her girls, she dressed them all alike...

The sewing machine at my Aunties house in the
  late 90's. I think the Singer Fashion Mate 237
 is from the 1960's


  1. Love this post.. How wonderful that you have the photos of the dresses she made for her girls..How wonderful!!! Love the little coats the girls had on too.[I bet she made them too.. since, they are all alike]/
    Our grandparents were amazing.. You are so right,they only had the basics. And still did amazing work..Thankyou for sharing.

    1. Yes I think it is nice I have these photos and thanks for the nice comment. I never really new her I was vey young when i lived with her and I ended up in NZ miles away..Yes she made the coats too yes our grandparents did wonderful things with so little :)

  2. These photos/memories you have are lovely. My grandma was a sewer too..made alot of our clothes and used to sew me barbie clothes. Ive got a very old automatic settings or anything..just simple and sturdy. It was my sis in laws grannys and I know its lived a good life!

    1. Thanks for your nice comment I love the simple machine and wonderful you have it and your family have used it before you, such a treasure. I always end up on my old Bernina even though I have a choice I love simple :)


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