Shoes and Sewing Machines

I was going to buy some winter shoes, it's getting colder now...But in a moment of madness my shoe purchase ended up becoming a sewing machine purchase. The joys of getting older, I change my mind on a whim. Do I really need another sewing machine? No I don't...

In fact for my $100.00 or so sewing machine purchase could have bought me some exciting new pieces of fabric...No more stash busting, I'm really over my stash I need new fabric to keep me motivated. Buying fabric instead of shoes would have been okay. You can wear fabric but you can't wear a sewing machine...

'Just one look that's all it took' (just like the song) and any common sense I had was gone. I ended up buying a a vintage Bernina Record 730. The first sewing machine I ever owned which I traded in on a Bernettee for my daughter. My excuse for buying the Bernina 730 was that my daughter is not allowed to sew on my sewing machines. So I had to buy her an old one for her to use because she no longer has the Bernette.

Well the idea of giving it to her has now gone 'right out the window'. This Bernina Record 730 runs better than my Bernina 801 so she can't have it for now...She can have it when I'm over my Bernina 730 obsession...

Once that foot pedal goes it will be pretty much a lost cause as a working sewing machine. The sewing machine will only become an object to I might as well make the most of my time with this old Bernina.

Because the sewing machine can be changed to a slower speed, I tried to teach my my grandson to sew a seam. I must admit he was a little bit scared, but it's a good skill for him to learn. He might have to hem his own pants one day just like my dad did...

Nostalgia and total impulse buying is what swayed me to buy this sewing machine. Things from my younger days I want them all back....When my son saw it he said, "Haven't I seen this machine somewhere before?"

Yes when he was about three!

Here he is 'Bernie the Bernina' some scratches
 in the front, otherwise perfect...
Plug number: 011-1672
Three way plug one hole is blocked. Was
it made like this? I don't know...
The  original old green foot pedal
Number on foot pedal:  Typ: FT6-2A6
Bernina Record 730 fancy stitches
I made a felt circle for the cotton reel
to sit on
Threaded up ready to make table mats  


  1. Like bringing home an old friend:)

  2. How wonderful... You can find/buy a pair of shoes any ole day...But, you want find this fantastic machine just any ole day.. SO happy for you.. Enjoy your sewing on it..

  3. Thanks I have enjoyed using it, shoes can wait for now :)

  4. I am looking for the foot pedal FT^ - 2A6 110-250 V as illustrated and the connecting cable. It looks like the cable is directly connected to the pedal. Do both come as one part or is the cable purchased separately?
    Where can I purchase such parts. Model of my machine is 730 and is about 50 years of age.
    Gary Ouellet
    Many thanks.

    1. I would expect you might be able to buy them separately, chords you might be able to pick up on ebay ...not sure about pedal but I think they are hard wired so must come together....

  5. I am seeking a pedal and cable for my 730 - 3-prong cord. Where can I get such part? What is the estimated cost?
    My current pedal is FT6-2A6 110-250.
    The machine is about 50 years old and in excellent condition, other than the pedal that has to be replaced.
    Your attention is appreciated and I thank you.
    Gary Ouellet

  6. I am sorry I do not know where to get the part. Have you tried e-bay? I'll have a look at my pedal tomorrow and see what number I have on my machine...I have looked on the internet but have not seen any for this machine because I know once the pedal goes it is the end. Sorry I am not much help but I'll keep me eye out for you too...

  7. Just realized I posted my number FTA-2A6 we have same foot. I wonder if there are generic ones somewhere??


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