How to Waste Fabric...

I haven't shirred fabric for a very long time so I thought I'd make one of the girls a shirred sun dress....That couldn't be too hard, I was confident my sewing machine would handle the shirring elastic. I had all the measurements, double the chest size...but I forgot the seam allowance and an extra one or two inches. Now I'm sure there is a maths equation for all this (size, plus shirring, and shrinkage).

When ironing the shirring stitches the dress started to look awfully small. Ironing shrinks shirring, why didn't I know this? I then double checked everything else and realized I didn't have the right chest size in the first place. This is what I sewed...a mouse sized sun dress, well not a mouse really, a doll's sized sun dress.

Never mind, the wonderful thing about being a sewer is you can recycle and re-use your mistakes most of the time. I'll finish it some day with thinner straps and give it to the doll! shirring SHRUNK!
I was very proud of my shirring too...I
used my old Bernina and she purred away
happily, not a skipped stitch or cotton
tangle in sight...


  1. So sorry.. [THis sounds so , like what I would do.ha] The fabric is beautiful.. And it will make a really pretty doll dress..

    1. LOL you have to see the funny side, and it will make a nice dolls dress....

  2. What a pity. The fabric is so pretty.

  3. I know it's a shame as it is pretty I might be able to use the scraps that I cut off for a little skirt..


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