Janome CoverPro: How do I use my Extra Feet?

If you you want to find or need help with using the feet for the Janome CoverPro1000CP. Here is the Elna online site which I have found useful when sewing with my Janome CoverPro. Here you will find information about the Elna 434 coverstitch machine and it's accessories.

Because Elna and Janome are one company under two brand names you will find that this machine is the same as the Janome CoverPro (I apologise in advance if I have this wrong, I did read it somewhere though). I have not tried out this machine so personally cannot compare them. I believe it is not stocked in New this present time. Perhaps someone somewhere might have much more information than me on the comparison of both machines. Please feel to e-mail me with it and also correct me if I am mistaken.

Well enough of my blurb and I will get straight to the point. There is a lot information in form of PDF's that you can print off on the different Elna 434 feet...These are the same feet used for the Janome CoverPro 1000CP.

I bought the 'Centre Guide Foot' foot from the Janome sewing shop and then downloaded the Elna 434 PDF for this foot to refer to. You do get some information on the back of the Janome accessory packet for the Janome foot....But is you are like me I threw all mine away and  then put away the new foot. Having this this print-out is a really great to keep as a reference guide...I don't know why the Janome site doesn't do the same thing.

Janome Centre Guide Foot
Instructions from Elna 434 on how
to use the 'ElnaCentre Guide Foot'

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