Just One Apple

Rubee Red is the name of a new apple tree I planted this year. There was one lonely apple on the tree, so I decided to let it grow ( I don't think your supposed to). It's a semi-dwarf tree and it fruits in two to three years. Why has it one fruit on it now? Will it fruit next year? Yes I'm a total apple tree novice...

I decided to let the apple grow and today it was time to taste it. It looked all red and juicy but I think I tasted it too early as it was rather sharp and tart...Rubee Red is a cross between a Pacific Rose apple (love those) and a Liberty which I've never tasted. It's meant to be disease resistant and I'm hoping it is...I just hate spraying all those chemicals...

It's meant to be a good lunch box apple!


  1. looks yummy and good.. Just think what good apples , you will get next year..
    We planted 2 this year.. A liberty and a granny smith... So..we should get a variety next couple years..

  2. Thanks, yes I'm hoping for some... I didn't realize you had Granny Smiths green and crunchy and good for cooking. Lets hope we get lots of apples :)

    Granny Smiths come from the U.S.A. I just realized LOL... They are in my sauce as my daughter just informed me now that they are from the U.S.A....So much for me knowing what apples went in the tomato sauce LOL


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