Raspberry Vodka: The Final Stage

My raspberry/sugar mix is now ready to infuse back into the bottle of vodka. Check out my blog post here for the first stage of making my 'Christmas Raspberry Vodka'.  This is the process I use and I serve it straight from the fridge cold into in a nip glass.

At this stage I haven't tasted it...I've got to drive to the other side of town and our roads here are bad (there are so many roadworks you need to have your wits about you). I'm just hoping the raspberry vodka is okay...The males in my family can taste it next time we have a celebration. They'll know if it's good or not. Though maybe I'll taste it tomorrow and let you all know...

You need a good clean (sterile) piece of
muslin to drain the berry mix through into
a sterile jug. I usually use glass but I
settled for plastic this time. My glass
jug broke in the earthquake..
 Strain through the muslin and squeeze...No that
 cat is not supposed to be there...fur
might get into the vodka. He's a
really naughty cat!
Ready to mix  and infuse the
raspberry mix into the
 neat vodka...
Pour strained raspberry liquid straight into the
vodka bottle...'s all ready
You can top the bottle right up with neat
vodka, except I ran out. I keep the
 raspberry vodka in the fridge....


  1. When you initially posted this, I wanted to give it a try. I will be going back for the instructions so I can get this started. Looks wonderful.

  2. Thanks it's not too hard to make, it's just all the waiting, I love the smell of it. You can re-strain through muslin again if you think it's not clear enough. I used about four layers and it was fine...Have fun making it :)


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