Spicy Tomato Sauce

My daughter and I are making a tomato sauce. There are so many ripe tomatoes this year from the garden...Except all I've done is wash bottles and print out the labels. Oh well...I'm just passing my sauce making skills down the generations, 'best she learns by doing'. Well that's my excuse for not really helping that much...I'll just blog about it and keep out of the way...

 Spicy Tomato Sauce
2kg tomatoes
500g of apples (eating are fine)
500g white onions
500g white sugar
2TB salt (plain or sea salt)
2TB Allspice (whole)
2 Chillies (green or red)
1 TB black pepper (whole)
1 1/4 Cups white vinegar (you can use malt vinegar)

* Cut tomatoes into chunks and core and chop the apples.
* Peel and cut up onions (chunky)
* Put all the above ingredients into a large pot or preserving pan
* Add sugar and salt
* Finally chop up the chillies and add too the pan
* Tie up all the spices in muslin and put into pot
* Pour the vinegar into the pot and bring to the boil
* Turn down the temperature and simmer for an hour uncovered
* Mouli the chunky sauce or sieve the mixture
* Now pour sauce through a funnel into bottle and seal

This year some of the tomatoes are really big....
Weigh out 2 kg of tomatoes
Get all the ingredients ready....
This batch had green chillies, grown this year.
 The next one will have red chillies I grew
last year...
I always add a extra couple of
tablespoons of chilli flakes
Bring  all the  sauce ingredients to a boil
and simmer for one hour uncovered
Ready to mouli...You can see
the spices are not in muslin.. I just
chuck them in 
Mouli or sieve the mouli
 is very old. I used to use it for making
veges for the baby. I should get a
newer one
You don't have to do this. The sauce
is simmered again to reduce down if you
feel it is too runny...
Filling the sterilized bottles...
The first batch finished.
I recycle any glass bottles I
can find for making tomato sauce

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