Easter Geranium Dresses

Finally, I have finished the girls two dresses. I'm so pleased that they are a perfect fit and I only had to shorten the length on the smaller one...I used the 'Geranium Dress' pattern made by rae and I really loved sewing from this pattern. The 'Geranium Dress' is a mix n match pattern, you can chose which ever style you want to make. The sizing of the pattern ranges from 0-5years and I used a medium weight patterned cotton fabric for the dresses.

Although I had enough fabric to make two dresses in the same style, I chose to make the smaller one different. I had visions of myself turning into my 'granny' and dressing the girls alike all the time....So I thought maybe this time they should have their own individual look...

The deer costume I made earlier was quickly changed into a rabbit costume by adding a painted mask and a bow...The bigger cousin wanted to surprise the little girls and it was his idea to become a rabbit. His Gran, being the sewer had to oblige...I didn't have much time to sort it all this out and I would have made a much better bow for 'bunny' to wear than the scrap of purple ribbon I found.

Unfortunately 'bunny' on his debut outing slipped in doggy doo. I swear that dog did all that on purpose. How can a dog do four poops first thing in the morning? We had cleaned up the garden the night before...Anyway after a false start the children all had a wonderful time watching the bunny bounce round the garden...

Geranium dress and the easter egg hunt...a few
tomatoes were found too!
The cat helped hunt for eggs too...
'Come on cat', she's saying....Cat Nip beckoned, it's much
more fun than looking for Easter Eggs!


  1. Love, love the dresses.. and the granddaughters are adorable.. And what a cute rabbit... Looks like a wonderful Easter..

  2. Thanks it was a wonderful Easter , the wee girls are cute they are so busy. I was pleased the dresses fitted well :)


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