Yellow Chicks for Easter

These Yellow Easter Chicks are pretty easy to make. This was a last minute effort once I realized I had I all the ingredients in the pantry. Do you get a last burst of creativity? My best ideas seem to be always at the last minute...

The exact recipe with all the measurements can be found in Easter with Nestle Baking in the Woman's Day Thursday March 21st, 2013. magazine, New Zealand. As far as I know they haven't put this recipe online.

If you are unable to source the recipe and want to make these cute chicks...You can improvise and make up your own recipe measurements. You only need one packet of plain sweet biscuits (like Marie, Super wine, Vanilla Wine). Next you crush the biscuits  in the food processor until they turn into fine biscuit crumbs. Just like for making a cheese cake base...

You need yellow food colouring to colour
the coconut
Use a sealed plastic bag to colour
the coconut you are using to coat the chicks.
 Prepare this first. You want the food colouring
to soak into the shredded coconut.... 
Add one can of condensed milk to
 to one packet of crushed sweet biscuits
Mix  together biscuit crumbs, condensed milk
and some shredded un-coloured coconut to
make a good consistency to mould into shape

Roll  the mixture into truffle sized balls, some
a larger size for the bottom of the chicken.
Form a smaller size for the head of the chick.
 Stick them together...
I used Nestles Milk chocolate dots for the eyes
Then use almonds for the chicks beak...
Mine were roasted, unsalted almonds
Dunk the chickens into  the pre-coloured coconut.
Wet or spray with water the balls if they become
too dry. This helps the  coloured coconut stick
So cute, these were so popular...mine could have
 been a bit more yellow. But it is food colouring
and I didn't want too hypo children. You could
use this concept to make snowmen for


  1. They were popular too, who ever thought of this idea hit the jackpot...


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