While I was Blogging...

I was so busy blogging that I burnt my pickle, I plain forgot I'd put the pickle on to re-bottle because the lids didn't seal. I don't have to worry about that now though. 'Burning and Blogging' I'm starting a new trend...

Lucky I still have a kitchen and it was two jars
 of pickle. The rest are all sealed well
What a mess lucky it's not an
expensive pot!
 These lids are not sealing which is so annoying.
They are now scratched from my first attempt. Not
a very good fit I suspect...


  1. Bummer!! You are not alone though :)

    1. LOL I suspect there are stories to be told LOL...

  2. SO sorry you burned your pickles.. But, I had to laugh, when I saw your post.. I am the queen of burning things.. Hubby teases me all the time, saying, "I just know your going to burn our house down, while on that darn computer".hahahaa

    1. I laughed when you said you are the queen of burning things because I have a history of burning too...In the garden there already three pots I used for water bowls that I managed to burn....Sometimes I take a kitchen timer with me so I remember I have something on the stove LOL. Hope you don't burn the house down LOL


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